Product quality, value and customer service are my highest priority, which should provide me with repeat business.

Repeat business provides you with privacy because there is no need for email, snail-mail or bothersome phone solicitations. Personal information provided by you on the Contact Me page or from online purchases is only used for the purpose of replying to your request for information or products. We do not forward your information to anyone, except the government when required by law.

All of your personal information is securely collected and protected in our shopping cart should you purchase online. I accept Visa and Mastercard as well as cash and checks at craft shows that I attend - please see On the Road.

NSF checks will incur a $25 cash penalty each time the bank rejects the transaction. If your credit card is rejected I will endeavor to contact you via phone or email. If charges are not accepted within three (3) days, your order will be canceled.

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4oz Candles
Wax Melts

Most scents still in stock. Order now while in stock, and I'll ship what I have.
If not available, I'll email you with your options.

Thank you!!

Soy Candles
Wax Melts


On the Road

I'm resting my travelling feet
until next spring.

See you then

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