Production Process

Soap is produced through a chemical reaction that occurs when fats and oils are combined with a lye solution. This process is called saponification.

The oil/lye mixture is stirred until it begins to thicken. At this point the scents & colors are added, and itís poured into molds. When it has hardened sufficiently, itís unmolded and cut into bars. Then I let the bars cure for several weeks.

"Carrier Oils" are the oils that make up the main body of the soap. Different oils have different properties. Some are more moisturizing & good for conditioning the skin. Some clean better than others. Some lather well, and others make the soap harder & longer lasting. Most oils have more than one of these properties. My goal as a soap maker is to combine the right oils in the right proportions to maximize the benefits of each.

"Essential Oils" are the highly concentrated oils derived directly from plants. I use them primarily to scent the soap, but they also have other properties of their own that they bring to each bar.

Glycerine helps your skin attract & retain moisture. It's a naturally occurring byproduct of cold process soap making, and remains in the soap. In many commercial soaps it's extracted & used in other products.

All my soaps contain Shea & Cocoa Butters for extra skin conditioning, and some contain exfoliants such as Oatmeal, Green Tea Leaves, or Flax Seeds to gently remove dead skin cells and stubborn dirt, or Cornmeal, Ground Coffee, or Poppy Seeds if you want a more vigorous scrubbing.

The basic recipe that I use is one I've developed after much research and lots of plain, old trial and error, and produces a pure, mild, moisturizing soap that lathers well, lasts a long time, and leaves your skin clean, soft, and smelling great!

A few of my soaps contain artificial fragrances. Other than that, they are all natural. I also try to use organic ingredients whenever possible.

The only thing on the label that you can't pronounce is the name!

Iíll be happy to answer questions via my email address on the "Contact Me" page contained within this website.

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